OP's Garden Program started about 15 years ago with Cheri Powers and Deborah Mullen, two second grade teachers.  Using PTA funds, the tradition has continued and it has since expanded to include every student at OP! OP students are thrilled to have a chance to learn hands-on how the world around them works while helping to make their school more beautiful.

Grades 3-5 plant a Fall garden with a focus on research.  Grades K-2 plant a Spring garden with a focus on information.  Both curriculums allow students to discover and learn how the world around them works.  They are approximately 10 week programs.  Volunteers meet with a class for 30 minutes once per week.  Families have an opportunity to contribute by donating plants, by lending a blanket for students to sit while they record in their journals, or by volunteering to work with a class.
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If you have questions, please contact Heather.