The Go Jen Go Foundation provides critical financial assistance to families during breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Money is granted to survivors to subsidize rent, pay utility bills, conduct home/car repairs, and for other general uses. We assist vulnerable populations that suffer greatly from a breast cancer diagnosis and fall behind on their monthly bills. Founded by Joe and Jen Pagani, a Charlotte mom who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2014, who in the midst of her own battle saw others in need. In that moment, the Go Jen Go Foundation was born and today it thrives. In 2017, Go Jen Go provided $103,000 in grants to 138 families fighting breast cancer in the greater Charlotte area and we continue to grow in our fundraising efforts. Go Jen Go wants to help bridge the gap between financial security and crisis. Providing financial assistance helps survivors stay afloat and focus on treatment and recovery and they have a greater chance maintaining economic security once treatment is complete.
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